1st Wednesday of each month. Elks Club - 150 Jewell St. Santa Cruz. (Across from Santa Cruz Memorial Cemetery, off Ocean/Graham Hill) Lunch at 11:45 AM.

The BEC (Branch Executive Committee) meets at 10:00AM prior to each luncheon to discuss branch business. Any member interested is encouraged to join us.

For information about the Sons In Retirement organization, its history and philosophy, please check out the following internet link You can access archived issues of the State newsletter 'SIR Happenings' and other data there. If you have questions or concerns about the website, please let me or your branch officers know at the next SIR meeting.

NON-RESPONSIBILITY Declaration. All activities are arranged for, or by, or sponsored by, Sons in Retirement, Incorporated, and are for the convenience or pleasure of the members and their guests who desire to participate. Sons in Retirement Incorporated, and its Branches do not assume any responsibility for the well being or safety of the participants or their property in any matters pertaining to said activities.

▶ MAY: Dr Laina Farhat-Holzman
▶ JULY: Melissa Cronin
▶ SEPT: Dr G Griggs - Desalination

Videos by Constantine Lackides

For the protection of all, we will require proof of Covid vaccination and a signed waiver form to enter our monthly meeting. If you have attended a meeting this year we have your vaccine and waiver data on record.

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Members of Branch36

Like to get involved in the operation of this group? You can make a difference. If you are interested in sharing your talents with the group please talk to the Branch Executive Committee members.

If you are aware of any member, or member spouse, with medical issues please let our WE CARE administrator, Ray Disperati or, 438-2561, know about the situation so we can offer support and condolences.